Global Health 50/50 is an initiative to advance action and accountability for gender equality in global health.


How can we fast forward the pace of change?

Across the world, the movement for gender equality has long been in the making. From Cairo to Beijing, Maputo, Montevideo to New York, commitments have been made, commissions launched and organizations inaugurated. But the pace of real change is lagging--both within global health organizations, and for the people who are served by their programmes and focus.

Gender is different from biological sex. It is socially constructed and influenced by laws, politics, policies, communities, families and individuals. It shapes how we behave, act and feel. Gender determines our positions and roles in society. It impacts health and wellbeing--influencing both our own individual behaviours (what risks we take with our health and whether or not we seek health care), and how the health system responds to our needs when we are sick or need care and support.

Major gaps and challenges remain in achieving gender equality in representation, in gender-responsive budgeting and in mainstreaming gender through the policies, programmes and structural responses of global health institutions. Such gaps and challenges are problematic in their own right and continue to inhibit progress across the global health agenda, including the Sustainable Development Goals on gender, health and equity (SDGs 2, 3 and 11).

Gender equality is everyone’s business. It is not equivalent to women and girls, or men and boys, but encompasses people of all genders and sexual orientations. It is about how together we can collectively benefit from doing away with the discrimination, be it upfront or subtle, that holds us back. Achieving gender equality means that all people enjoy the right to realise their full potential to lead healthy lives and contribute to healthy societies.

Global Health 50/50 was formed around one question: how can we fast forward the pace of change to make global health more gender equal?

Our answer: advocacy based on evidence, transparency for accountability, and a core belief that progress is both possible and necessary.

Global Health 50/50 is an independent initiative to advance action and accountability for gender equality in global health and contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  It has three tracks:

  • Generating policy analysis and research resulting in a series of catalytic knowledge products to increase transparency and accountability for gender-equality in global health, including the annual Global Health 50/50 signature report, and identify incremental steps to change

  • Empowering a #GH5050 policy community of key influencers inside and outside global health institutions to fast-forward the gender and global health agenda

  • Celebrating success through documenting and communicating changes about global health institutions’ organizational culture, policy and practice in real time to global health arenas and players, across multiple pressure points including in the online environment.


High power influencers

Global Health 50/50 benefits from the wisdom and experience of diverse leaders from all regions of the world. Its Advisory Council is an informal group whose members guide the initiative and serve as its Ambassadors in their personal capacities.


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